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Arrival Time
Arrival Time

In order to provide the best possible experience each time you visit The Ferring Jazz Bistro, we ask that all ticketed guests reserve a specific arrival time for their performance night. When selecting your time, please choose the same number of tickets for the arrival time as you did for your performance. Reservations are available every 15 minutes beginning 90 minutes prior to your set time.

Please Note:


·        Arrival times are only valid for ticketed performances in The Ferring Jazz Bistro.  You must have a purchased ticket for the performance in order to be seated in The Ferring Jazz Bistro.

·        Nancy's Jazz Lounge does not accept reservations, and is first come, first served.

·        The 6:00pm arrival time below notes the first reservation time of the evening.  Once you click Add to Basket you will be able to choose your specific arrival time on the next page.

·        6:45pm – 7:15pm are the most popular Arrival Times, and fill quickly.  We encourage you to reserve your Arrival Time early.





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