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Emily Wallace with the Funky Butt Horns
Emily Wallace with the Funky Butt Horns


"The best musicians are the true storytellers. The people who need to sing in order to feel whole and treat lyrics like breaths of fresh air to the lungs of a dying soul. They climb on any stage and just play. Stage prep and theatrics are left at the door, and all you get is a story with a beautiful voice behind it. St. Louis musician Emily Wallace is one of those trusted storytellers." Dan Buffa, KSDK. 

Singer/songwriter Emily Wallace has quickly become one of the most talked about performers in St. Louis. Together with her sister, she co-founded The Sleepy Rubies, whose opening performance at the 2016 LouFest is still garnering waves of acclaim.  2016 also saw Wallace write “South City,” a moving tribute to her beloved neighborhood that was hailed by the Riverfront Times as being “the anthem we’ve been waiting for.” 

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