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Swingin' at the Bistro: A Salute to Richard Henderson
Swingin' at the Bistro: A Salute to Richard Henderson

Montez Coleman, drums

Bob DeBoo, bass
Danny Campbell, trumpet
Peter Schlamb, vibraphone
Eric Slaughter, guitar
Kendrick Smith, saxophone
Matt Villinger, piano & keyboards
Adam Maness, piano & keyboards (Saturday, Feb. 23 ONLY)

In December of 2018, the jazz community lost Richard Henderson, a pillar for jazz for 8 decades. Henderson, the beloved Jazz Guru, never missed an opportunity to not only celebrate this music but to share it with others, especially young people. He made sure the history of the music was appreciated & kept alive. Henderson spent a lifetime sharing records, videos, photos, and stories with young musicians, providing inspiration and guidance to those looking to further carry the legacy of jazz. No matter the situation, he was always ready with a smile, an invitation to come join him in his incredibly hip world.  Jazz St. Louis brings together some of Henderson’s favorite St. Louis based performers for an all-star weekend of swing in remembrance of a dear friend.

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